I started this video with no real agenda, but I ended up talking about the skills and talents that you possess but some people feel scared to use those talents in a public setting.

I believe everybody has immense skill and talent in their own right. Once you lose the fear and use your talents for the good of other people, you reach the highest of heights with your success and it comes naturally. Unfortunately, there are so many people who are afraid to be imperfect so they never reach their greatest potential…because they never try.

I'm a married man of 18 years. We have three kids, 2 girls and a boy, and I'm a 17-year active duty military service member. I've always been a critical thinker and a close listener to what people are saying. I love to read and watch videos for personal and professional development. There's a ton of information out there and it doesn't always synchronize, so I enjoy the conversations that can develop from it. This is why I decided to share my thoughts and open the conversations to the world online. We can all become better through these discussions because there's always a different perspective.

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